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How COVID-19 Travel Self Tests Work

Anyone traveling internationally is required to present a negative COVID-19 test 3 days before scheduled return to the United States. There are several options available to meet this requirement, with pros and cons for each depending on your needs, budget, and technical acumen. Country Certified Labs Every country has their own network of certified laboratories […]

Traveling Now & Planning for the Future

If you’re thinking of traveling within the next few months my recommendation is to book soon. After over a year of being home, cabin fever has caused a run bookings. Accommodations, flights, car rentals, and experiences in both popular destinations and secluded locations are either completely sold out or have limited availability. Almost everything is […]

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – Amazing! Worth it if you’re not a Star Wars fan?

A short time ago, in a theme park 3,000 miles away…STAR WARS. We visited Disneyland in Anaheim, CA in November 2019 to experience Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. As life long Star Wars fans, we were incredibly excited to see what Disney had created. I’ve read many posts and watched many videos about Galaxy’s Edge. Most […]

Iceland – Take the Kids to the Spa

Family travel and spas are often two themes that don’t go well together. Luckily, in Iceland the opposite is true. The Icelandic people have put their massive amounts of geothermal energy to good use. On average they visit the spa at least twice a week, year round. It is a place of community, where locals […]

Fontana Geothermal Spa – Rye Bread Baked in Black Sand

What led us to Fontana had less to do with soaking and more to do with our stomachs. When we pulled up and caught our first sight, the view immediately impressed us. They have several pools to choose from, all open air looking onto a serene lake. There are also saunas, and a steam bath […]

Blue Lagoon – One for the bucket list

Iceland’s Blue Lagoon is by far the most famous of Icelands geothermal spas. It is a wondrous view to take in and experience. Stark contrasts of bright baby blue water amongst the stark black volcanic landscape is reason enough to visit. Unique spa experiences and silica mud masks are an added bonus. Reading reviews some […]

Go Into the Glacier before it’s gone

Glaciers are melting all over the world due to climate change. Average global temperatures are on the rise. When the air temperature is above 32º F/0º C, glacial ice melts the same as home freezer ice. Langjökull Glacier in Iceland is 200,000 km cubed/47,983 miles cubed of ice. That will take a long time to […]

Can you go to Europe on a Disney budget?

Speaking to friends and family I am often asked about our vacation adventures abroad. When I describe our trips to Italy, Iceland, France, etc the response I usually get is: Wow I would love to be able to go to Europe, but it’s just to… Expensive Not for kids Too complicated After I reveal our […]

Italy 2017

Restitution of Full Pasta Rights to Zack Days in Italy Rome – Day 1 Venice – Day 2, 3, & 4 Naples – Day 4 & 5 Amalfi Coast – Day 5, 6, & 7 The Royal Palace of Caserta – Day 7 Rome – Day 8 & 9 What does a trip like this […]

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