Terms and Conditions

This Travel Services Agreement is entered into by and between Travel By Marisa Agency (called “Us,” “Our,” ”We”) and the undersigned Client (called “You”, “Your”). Any individual executing this Travel Services Agreement on behalf of You claims the authority to bind You and everyone in your traveling party to the terms of this Travel Services Agreement and the services terms of use available below (the “Terms”). Capitalized terms used but not defined in this Travel Services Agreement and have the meaning set forth in the Terms.

You hereby represent that you are signing as Client or You are an authorized signatory for client(s). By clicking the submit button and/or signing below, You are executing this Travel Services Agreement and entering into a legally binding contract between Our Agency and You and everyone in your traveling party for travel services and you acknowledge receipt of a copy of our Terms and Conditions.

When you agree to pay a “planning fee” or “pay a deposit for travel service” or “make an interim payment for travel services” or “when you make a final payment for travel services”, you accept for yourself and the travelers included in your party costs that have been outlined to you and you attest to your agreement to our Terms and Conditions. If you are charged a planning fee, you acknowledge that planning fees are non-refundable, whether you decide to book travel or not. Multiple revisions, change in location, destination, or dates may require additional planning fees. Quote prices are subject to change and not guaranteed until deposits are applied.

You acknowledge that unless specifically noted as in included with accommodation (example All-Inclusive) or Excursion that dining expenses are not included in any quote. You agree that all fees based on cancellation policies, change fees, penalties and unused portions of travel vouchers are non-refundable. You also understand these fees are separate from the cost of your trip and the tour operator/cruise line policies.  Cancellation fees; If you have to cancel travel after a deposit is made, and will not be rebooking a $25 per person cancellation fee will be charged to your credit card on file.

Credit/Debit Card Payment Authorization

Authorization: By submitting your credit card, You authorize Us or our Agents to charge the credit/debit card for agreed upon purchases of Our services on the due date of relevant billing to you. You also agree and authorize Us or our Agents to reverse (credit) amounts that have been charged in error. If you close this credit/debit card account, if You charge back any charges which were validly charged under this Travel Services Agreement, if this credit/debit card otherwise expires, or if You have provided an incorrect account number or have insufficient funds at any time (including declinations of validity charged amounts), You understand and agree that you will remain liable for such amount(s) and any associated costs of recovery, and that in such event, We shall be entitled to not provide any products or services to You until all such payment deficiencies have been fully satisfied, if ever. In no event shall We be required to refund any amounts previously paid as a result of such suspension or termination of services. You certify that You are an authorized user of this credit/debit card and that You will not dispute the payment with your credit card company or bank, so long as the transaction corresponds to the terms indicated in this Travel Services Agreement.        

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