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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – Amazing! Worth it if you’re not a Star Wars fan?

A short time ago, in a theme park 3,000 miles away…STAR WARS. We visited Disneyland in Anaheim, CA in November 2019 to experience Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. As life long Star Wars fans, we were incredibly excited to see what Disney had created. I’ve read many posts and watched many videos about Galaxy’s Edge. Most reviewers assume visitors to Galaxy’s Edge are Star Wars fans of one era or another. What about friends or family that can’t tell Star Trek from Star Wars? Is a visit to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge worth their limited time and the considerable money? We attended Disneyland with friends that were mostly not fans to find out!

To answer the question, you have to understand Disney’s design for Galaxy’s Edge, aka StarWarsLand. The short version: Thrill rides aren’t the point because you’re playing a character in a Star Wars story! How much role playing you participate in is up to you, but it can’t be avoided. Living a Star Wars story is the point of the land; it’s for Star Wars fans by Star Wars fans. Disney cast members always in character and the lack of pure thrills compared to other lands might be a turn off for non-fans. Galaxy’s Edge is definitely worth a visit by when attending Disneyland / Disney World’s Hollywood Studios, but non-fans or thrill seekers shouldn’t make this their first stop.

To summarize, I’ve categorized visitors to Galaxy’s Edge according to Star Wars fan from non-fans to super fans. I’ve got a lot more to say about the experience for fans at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge – A Fan’s Dream Come True

Fan?Plan a Trip Now?First stop at Disneyland / Hollywood Studios?Notes
What’s Star Wars?NoGo to Star Tours firstStar Tours is more thrilling; no role playing.
Only like the PrequelsNoYou’re first stop, it must beDesigned around the sequel trilogy.
Build a lightsaber like a Jedi Knight.
Only like the Original TrilogyMaybeYou’re first stop, it must beDesigned around the sequel trilogy.
You pilot the Millennium Falcon!
You can visit a Cantina.
Only like the Sequel TrilogyYesYou’re first stop, it must beYou’re right in the middle of the action between the Resistance and the First Order!
All the Star WarsDefinitelyYou’re first stop, it must beAll of the above.
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