Travel Planning

How does this work?

  1. Choose – Pick the service that best suits your needs.
  2. Answer – I’ll send a questionnaire for you to complete. Upon receipt of info & any applicable fee payment, planning begins.
  3. Plan – We’ll design the perfect itinerary together. I’ll inform you of deposits needed, cancellation policies & fees, and discuss travel insurance options.
  4. Confirm – I’ll book everything and provide a personalized itinerary
  5. Go – You depart and enjoy your trip. I’ll be available to answer any questions and deal with any emergencies.

Sample Itinerary

Sample Budget


Complimentary Consultations – Free

30 minute phone consultation to discuss your needs, evaluate your travel requirements, and discuss next steps.

Custom Domestic Itinerary – $150

Includes a detailed daily trip schedule and bookings for hotels, airfare, transportation, attractions, activities, tours, as well as local dining recommendations.

Custom International Itinerary – $250*

Includes destination research, a proposal with 2 options, a detailed daily trip schedule, and bookings for hotels, airfare, transportation (trains, car rentals, ferries), tours, and activities. Local dining recommendations will be provided.  *Note:  Quoted planning fee is based on a 7 to 10 day vacation for a family of four to two destination cities. Increases to trip duration, participants, and/or destinations may be quoted at a higher rate.

Schedule a consultation

Schedule a free or a more extensive appointment to discuss your needs

Request a free quote

Complete the form briefly describing your travel needs to receive a free quote


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Melany S

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Jenn M

* A Note About Travel Budgeting
  • Food expenses are only included in pricing for all-inclusive resorts or cruises. 
  • Dining preferences vary by individual, as do the options available at each destination city. While I can give you a general idea of a per day cost, it’s difficult to give an accurate estimate.
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