How does this work?

  1. Choose the service that best suits your needs. All itineraries are based on your unique travel style, trip goals, and budget.
  2. Answer the questionnaire. Let’s talk about answering the budget question. It’s ok if you don’t have a rough idea of what your trip should cost. Just provide a realistic amount that you can afford, and allow a bit extra. Unless staying at an All-Inclusive or Cruising, food expenses should not be included in your budget amount.
  3. Consultation will be scheduled after review of your requirements and budget, as long as the destination & budget are compatible.
  4. Planning begins upon receipt of required info (e.g. passports) & payment of planning fee*. We’ll design the perfect itinerary together.
  5. Review our proposal. We’ll schedule another call to explain and & answer questions. The proposal will be updated with any changes.
  6. Sign-off on proposal. You’ll make deposits & select travel insurance (recommended). If travel insurance is declined, a wavier must be signed. Then you’ll receive final payment due dates, cancellation policies, & fees.
  7. Book your trip based on the proposal & we’ll provide a personalized itinerary.
  8. Go on your trip & enjoy! We’ll be available to answer questions & deal with emergencies.

* Itineraries will not be released until the planning fee has been received. Planning fees are non-refundable if after reviewing the itineraries you decide not to book.

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