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Scotland – Small Group Tour – Day 2

Loch Ness & Glencoe

Hunting for Nessie at Urquhart Castle and looking for James Bonds’ Skyfall

Day two and it was time to hunt for Nessie, we toured Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness. The scenery was amazing, we arrived as the sun was rising. It was a gorgeous sunny day and we captured some amazing pictures of the castle, grounds, and lake.

No sighting of Nessie to report although we did try to tempt her with when we offered Zack. Sadly, that was not enough of an enticement and she remains shrouded in myth.

Due to scheduling with this shorter tour we were not able to take a cruise of Loch Ness.

Tip Time: Traveling off season to Scotland, some companies only run boat tours on the loch between April 1 and October 31st. We did find one company that has boat tours throughout most of the year.

Also, The Jacobite steam train (AKA the Harry Potter train to Hogwarts) runs from late April through the last week in October. If this is a must see item on your list, plan your visit to coincide with these dates.

We ended our day with a delicious, affordable lunch at the Clachaig Inn Restaurant.

As we headed south to Edinburgh, our guide had one last surprise in store. After speaking with us the first day, he asked why we were in Scotland. Many of us said we decided to visit Scotland after seeing James Bonds’ Skyfall. So we took a detour and ended driving through the glen where James Bond’s Skyfall was filmed. In the background he played 007 soundtrack, which amused the entire group. We all decided to get out and take pictures on the road from the film. For the final stop we opted for a short steep hike up one of the glens for a high vantage point to take pictures.

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