Krauma – What a spa designed by Bruce Wayne would look like


Krauma geothermal baths & spa is located in West Iceland, about 90 minutes drive from Reykjavík. Krauma looks like a spa that was designed by Batman; very modern looking, all in shades of smooth black and grey. There are 5 hot baths that vary in temperature, as well as one cold bath. In a separate building you can enjoy two steam baths. For additional serenity, you can enjoy the relaxation room where they play quiet music and with the warmth of a fireplace. An on site restaurant is also available, and you can get drink service out by the pools. We didn’t get to try the food on this visit because we stopped here after our Into the Glacier experience and lunch.

Locker room spas in Iceland are some of the cleanest I have seen anywhere in the world. I personally don’t love walking bare foot anywhere. But at Krauma they were even cleaner than the other spas we visited. This locker room did not have any showers with curtains for privacy. You have to shower in individual stalls with side walls only. And for some reason they have installed the soap outside of the shower stalls. If you’re not very comfortable bathing out in the open, just grab some soap before you turn on the shower.

Owen was happy to be warm after going Into the Glacier

When you exit the locker rooms, the first pool you come to is the largest and lowest temperature hot pool. The small one person ice plunge pool is next to it . You can sequentially increase temperature by going from pool to pool. Working your way down, the last pool is the one of the hottest but has fabulous views overlooking the countryside. Kauma is open year round, and I think the view with snow against the stark black is probably even more stunning.

The 6 ℃ – 8 ℃ (42.8 ℉ – 46.4℉) cold plunge pool was a truly shocking experience. Some people we talked to could last 5-10 minutes, so Zack tried a tough guy routine and was the first to go in. He lasted about 10 seconds this first time. Dave couldn’t even submerge himself, but lasted about 30 seconds up to his waist. Dylan submerged for 1 second and jumped right out. Weatherman Kevin submerged up to his neck for 7 seconds, deadpanning “that’s cold” before calmly exiting. Entering this pool felt like being pricked with a thousand needles. Then returning to a hot pool felt like your skin was burning. A very invigorating experience.

The Relaxation Room is to the left behind Dave, Dylan, and Ryan

The relaxation room wasn’t as relaxing as it could have been. You can hear muffled talking from the baths right outside. The door also opens frequently as people come and go, which disturbs the fireplace warmth with a gust of outside air. It’s still a nice respite if you need it from soaking in the water.

Reservations are recommended but not required, teen admission prices are discounted. Children 12 and under are free with parents admission. In the summer Krauma is open until 11 pm, and the restaurant closes at 9:30pm. During the rest of the year the spa is open until 9p.m. I would always check operating hours for the restaurant outside of the summer season. 

Tip Time: Rental bathing suits are a thing in Iceland. Even the idea of putting on a clean but used bathing suit may scare some people, but if you don’t have a suit and can’t get one, a rental suit could be a trip saver!

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